Rental Equipment


Divine offers bolsters for pipe storage where space is limited and pipe racks are not necessary.


Divine’s catwalks differ from others in that they have the rumber installed. This allows for safe pipe laying with less noise.

Man Lifts

Our man lifts allow high points to be reached safely.

Frac Tanks

Divine Energy’s new frac tanks can hold 500 barrels of fluid.

Pipe Racks

Our 42 inch pipe racks are maintained and inspected frequently to avoid cracking or bending. Each rack is set at a working level to easily roll pipe on their clean, smooth surfaces.

Matting Boards

Divine’s large 5x20 and 4x15 steel boards are made from I beams. Their size and engineering is preferred to distribute weight evenly on pulling units and other heavy equipment.

Articulating Forklifts

Forklifts are available for rent to move heavy loads and assist in rig moves.

Light Towers (6KW and 8KW)

Our small, portable light towers are available to provide light in remote areas. We take pride in servicing our light towers, just as we service our other equipment.

Light Tower Generator Combos (20KW)

Divine’s portable Light Tower Generator Combo units are used to provide light in remote areas and power up to 220 volts to power camper trailers for company men and flow back hand who need to stay on location for an extended period of time.

Work Strings (2 3/8”, 2 7/8” and 3 ½” Tubing)

Rental tubing used in the completion and work-over stage of new and old wells.