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Taking services to a higher standard is our mission and goal at Divine Energy Services. Our team takes pride in every job, and we are confident that our services are of the highest quality. Divine Energy Services provides an extensive assortment of services for the oil and gas industry in the Permian Basin of New Mexico and West Texas.


We are eager to help with the wide range of services that we offer for the oil and gas industry in New Mexico and West Texas.


Haul Truck Services

At Divine Energy Services, our haul trucks are distinguished from those at other companies. This is due to the conscientiousness of our drivers. They frequently assist with loading and unloading cargo, stripping pipe, and installing thread protectors. The safety and security of cargo at all points is uppermost in their minds.

Winch Truck Services

Divine Energy Services’ winch truck has a pulling capacity of 80,000 pounds. Our experienced drivers can safely move skid-mounted frac tanks, portable frac tanks, pumps, pits, and more.

Rental Equipment

Bolsters, catwalks, man lifts, frac tanks, pipe racks, and matting boards are available for rent.

We have many services to help you.

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